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Tanabel is a Brooklyn-based food & events company that employs refugee women with exceptional talent in the kitchen. We prepare weekly Feasts & Dinners for Two that celebrate the rich and sophisticated cuisine of the Middle East and offer diners the opportunity to get to know the food and culture of countries in conflict. These authentic, generous and delicious meals allow our cooks to share a taste of home with their new communities and provide them with meaningful and empowering employment.


Our name comes from the Souk el Tanabel in Damascus, where the merchants provide a practical solution for their busy customers who don’t have time to do all the labor intensive preparation Syrian cuisine requires. Every day, they deliver bushels of produce to women in their homes, and the women in turn chop, slice and shape it, returning it expertly prepared for sale at the market. In that same spirit, Tanabel invites its cooks to contribute their skills and ingenuity to a larger project as they build new lives in this country.

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